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Mobile App Design
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People are spending more time on their mobile devices these
days. Our team provides with unique mobile apps having
interesting features and enhanced functionality.

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Mobile Application Design Development India

What we can do for you?

Our strength lies in the comprehensive suite of services we offer to our clients. From full-stack development to just consultancy- you demand, we deliver.

  • UI & UX Design

    Product design workshop
    Prototyping & wireframing
    Branding & Visual design

  • App Development

    iOS App Development
    Android app development
    Web app development

We Build Software For Modern Platforms

Be it mobile, web, wearable or tv, we have a dedicated team for all the latest technology platforms. The skills to make cross platform apps is what lists us among the top mobile app development companies, across the globe.

  • Android

  • iOS

  • React Native

  • Web

  • Flutter

  • Blockchain

  • Wearable

  • Iphone App Design

    iOS and the I-phone have carved a niche for themselves amongst the users from all over the world.

    The ‘iOS’ users demand a different user experience than the other software systems. Thus, the ‘iOS’ app designs have to be crafted while keeping in regard the user searches and demands. Softcode delivers the most singular and user-friendly ‘iOS’ app designs bespoke to the client and user preferences.

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    Android App Design

    Android is the trend of the present times.

    The mobile Android apps thus make up for an efficient way to reach one’s audience. We design the most exquisite and fine crafted android apps that are easy to use, and the most beautifully arranged and styled of all. Android is no doubt the fastest growing platform for mobile apps, and hence deserves the most dedicated app designs, and we, being the fastest growing mobile app developers’ team, deliver exactly the same.

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    Our Key Features

    Services that we deliver which makes us dignified as one of the best app development companies

    Bespoke work

    Softcode offers the most unique and singular app and web designs. The designs that we cater to our customers are never to be seen anywhere else. We craft keeping in view the clients and user, and this makes us the best mobile app development company in India.

    Original and fresh

    The designs that our firm delivers are the totally genuine and original to the very last bit. We are made of the most creative people, and our team is dedicated to creating fresh and singular designs.

    Market oriented

    Our app designs and web designs are highly market-friendly. We create while considering the need of the market and the user demand and search. The designs are kept as close to the user demand and preferences so that one could make the efficient use at the most quickest.

    Innovative and enthusiastic team

    Softcode is made of innovative and enthusiastic team members who love their job, and web and app designing is both passion and profession to them. This is the strength that sets the work standard and quality apart from others.

    SEO oriented

    The web development by the Softcode is done keeping in view the needs of SEO and other such online add-ons that can help the clients achieve their desired ends. This makes Softcode a one stop shop to all the web development and designing needs of a client.

    Full time support

    Softcode does not leave the clients alone once we have delivered the products and services instead we choose to keep in touch with the client and provide full time back up to our customer so that we might maintain a long-term relationship with one. This is why we are recognized as best app development service provider in India.

    Process We Follow

    • Client and user demand collection

      The primary step to begin the process of web development or designing that we do is the collection of the data that lets us know of the user based demand and the clients’ needs.

    • Designing

      We craft keeping in view the client’s and user requirements, and this makes our apps popular and most downloaded among others.

    • Model

      Once the design is prepared, we send it for the making of a model, or the prototype version. This makes up for the perfect approach to the building of a beautiful and sustainable app design.

    • Concrete development

      The concrete development of the app begins once the prototype gets cleared. Softcode keeps the app development process completely transparent to the client.

    • Quality standards

      We are proud of the standard and the quality of the apps designed by us. Softcode floats in the market by the virtue of client satisfaction it delivers.

    • Deliverance

      The client’s top-class quality app is all set to be delivered by us, and this is the stage when it is to appear on the app store. Softcode has delivered some of the best mobile apps developed in India.

    • Long-term relationship

      Softcode works on the principle of building a long term relationship with the clients, and hence does not break the bond once the app is delivered. We keep in touch with the client and provide continuous support and maintenance help to our clients, even after the submission of the app to the client.

    Process We Follow

    Ideally, we recommend targeting both operating systems as they account for over 99.6% of the mobile market today. However it is totally up to the clients what platform they want to emphasis and which type of mobile app they want to be developed.
    The exact time-frame to develop any mobile app depends on the type and complexity of the app requirements. But to give you an idea, generally you can expect your mobile app to be developed and delivered within 4-6 months.
    If you are talking about trash, then Yes. But if you are looking for anefficient and highly functional mobile app, then No. Mobile apps are complex and require an in-detail structuring that is not possible in such a low time frame.
    With new OS releases, you should first test the app in new OS and list out the points not working. Once done, you should approach the development company who developed it and they can come up with quick solution. Apple/Google do spread solutions for method/function they are deprecating.
    Yes, we do help our client in availing the app on the app store. Our firm certainly takes care of the client needs right from the start to the very end of the mobile app development process, and even after that.


    What our Client Says

    Rated 5/5 by 200+ clients for Web Design and Development services on various platforms

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